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Copy & Paste this script accordingly! USE YOUR OWN WORDS TO SOUND LIKE YOU!!! Screenshot conversations and send them to Diino to help you with responses! Use your resources!


Social Media + Regular Text Script


Instagram Script!

  1. You can use your own words! 

  2. Do not use more sentences than I do!


You- Hey! You should join my motivational team! @iamdiinostore 


You- I just joined the #1 motivational company in the world! Our CEO @thediinoshow works with models and influencers around the world! We are looking for anybody who wants to stay motivated and chase their dreams to join! Is this something you’d be interested in?

You- Ayee! I’m excited! I know your going to love it! Can I put you on so you can learn more & see if youd benefit?

You- Lit! All you have to do is click my link and itll bring you right to our website! (add standard linking code)



In Person Script


(Always ask questions before you present the opportunity)


You- Do you have an iphone or android?


You- Im about to put you on game! You gotta join my motivational team! We work with dreamers around the world!


You- The company is called I Am Diino! Its models and influencers who want to be motivated and represent a motivational brand! Im gonna text you my influencer link so you can see the website!

(ask for number and text them your link!!!!)

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