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Why real estate can be my only investment

I enjoy investing in real estate so much and here are a few reasons.

1 - Tax incentives since you I own property to rent out it now turns my home into a business which means I get to write items off. This means if I owe $2000 to the IRS in taxes I can minus certain items which are called deductions. A deduction allows me to turn the $2000 I owe down to $1900 and down from there. 2 - Real estate typically keeps its value over time. Over time real estate to me can be seen as a safer investment, which it still has risk. However, it is something that can be passed down to generations to come. 3 - I can make money many ways through owning a property. For instance if you own a home, you can sometimes rent out land for someone to park their RV. You can rent out the garage to someone to park their car or store items, you can rent out a room, the entire house, and even us it for airbnb. There are many ways to make money off of a property.

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