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Three ways you will lose when trading stocks

1 - You lack patience This is key when people first start trading and they expect to make $100s and $1000s of dollars in a small period of time. 2 - You get scared when stocks correct The stock market goes up and down do not get in expecting to not lose. It is healthy at times for stocks to go down instead of being in a steady uptrend for a long period of time. "What goes up must come down." At one point it may dip but if you believe in the stock do not let fear make you pull out. 3 - Expecting high returns every time This one is simple do not expect to invest $20 and make $100 every time which is 5 times what you invest. People do make returns that are high at times, the point of long term stock trading is to consistency receive a steady percent over time. High risk trading means bigger L's.


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