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Sunday Secret Sauce 5k in my pocket

I understood there was a shortage in new cars. I also understood I would owe 2k on my Honda when I returned it on its lease. Due to many miles over and chips in the rim I would be charged.

I went to the Carmax app and got an appraisal on my Honda at 24k.

I owed Honda about 19k to pay it off.

I sold my car to Carmax within the week and searched many new cars and got a bmw 330I no money down with a payment of 540. So I spend only $70 more a month for what I believe is a nicer car and was able to get $5143 in cash to invest! Seize the opportunities. You can possibly due the same: 1- Depends on your car value Use to understand the range your car can be worth. 2 - Get a quote using and 3 - When searching for your new car understand inventory is low some cars are more expensive than last year. 4 - Make sure your credit is above 650 and if it is not go to elevatenow_ on instagram and I will sell you a tradeline to boost your credit..... What are you waiting for? Go get that CASH!!!!!!!


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