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Reselling items can be easy money.

Reselling is easier than you think.

Let’s talk about this......

Reselling is when you buy an item for one price and then sell to someone preferably for a profit.

Here’s an example below.

Demario goes to a local store and buys a bag of Doritos for $1 that came from japan. He goes only and resells the item for $3 he made a $2 profit from reselling the item, assuming he did not pay any additional fees to sell it online.

Now that you have an example let’s look at some big companies that do this already. If you think that reselling is is small game, you are wrong!


Walmart - Buys items from companies and resells them on their site and in stores.

CarMax - Buys used cars from customers and resells other other customers after putting some work into the cars and gains profit.

So the big companies are doing it why aren’t you? Things that I see being resold all the time: Lashes Clothing Sneakers Electronic products like wireless headphones, consoles The steps I take before reselling an item 1 - Research the type of products that are at there and find places you buy a bunch of them. Online sites like alliexpress have bulk orders on many products. 2 - After you find the products you think you want to list now you have to search the market to see if it is worth it. Such as researching where people sale that product at a higher price. You want to find the max price that the item is being sold for and the lowest and price somewhere in the middle. 3 - Now you have to decide where you should list the items, ebay, offerup, etsy, amazon, Facebook marketplace, your own website. They have many many options sell items on all platforms. The sites that have the most of what I am selling is where I will sell. 4 - Once you pick where you want to post make sure you understand the fees. 5 - Take great high quality well lit photos of your items. Make sure to have well written and detailed descriptions. If you have any questions on reselling contact me on instagram at Elevatenow_


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