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If you have too much credit card debt, do these.

1 - You can do a consolation loan is designed for you to take all your credit card debt from your other cards or loan debt, and pay it all off with the loan. The benefit is not having multiple cards to pay and only having one payment and sometimes lower. If you have multiple credit cards and have to pay $25-$80 minimum payments every month that can add up, the point of the loan is to make it easier for you to pay one payment. It also may benefit your credit to free up your credit cards. 2 - Do a balance transfer from a card with interest to a card that has no interest Steps to do this. 1 - Find a card that allows balance transfer it will say in the description. You will want to also get a 0% fee for transferring the balance some cards will charge you. The point of this is to pay no interest on the new credit card. So if your credit card debt is high and you are paying interest doing a balance transfer is wise.


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