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How to create content!

Content- a video, picture, song, writing, etc

Content is very important to building a brand & business! If your audience can’t see or hear anything about you in a pleasing way, they won’t become fans or purchase your products! Make sure your content is clear visually and audio wise to create the best opportunity to be noticed compared to the world! Many businesses and brands spend a lot of money to create the best content!

Your videos and pictures aren’t just about being clear! Think about your background! Think about what your wearing! I love to wear jewelry m nice clothes and record in a setting that looks relaxing or exciting to my audience! Recording in your room is probably the worst place unless you design a nice studio! Take your videos outside in the sun! Audio’s should be recorded inside unless you want to hear the loud background noise! We all know you can write anywhere as long as your focused!

To Be Continued,,,,,


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