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Free money you are missing out on 

1 - 401(k) This is something your employer that has this option will allow you to enroll. Which is an account that the employer will match everyday dollar you add directly from your paycheck. For instance you made $900 in one check before anything being taken out which is called gross amount. You have your employer take 5% of your check for the 401(k) that will put $45 dollars in that account, if the employer match dollar for dollar. That means they match the amount you put in that account. You would get another $45 from the employer so all together it would be $90. With that being said the 401(k) is an investment that can earn interest and sometimes even lose money because the money is invested into index funds. I always advise people to max out their 401(k) which means contribute the maximum allowed amount. This would allow that account to get more of your check. I know…. The benefit is that the employer will give more money to your account on their end as well. 2 - This site allows companies, employers, and agencies to post a persons name with a dollar amount next to it. This is because when a company, employer, or agency owes you money for many different reason and cannot find your. They post it at this site and gives you the ability to claim it. All you do is search your name in your state and if you find it click claim. The process of getting it will require you to verify that it is you by answer personally questions regarding old addresses, and relatives. After you claim it they will send you a check from the state. This site is a hidden gem and not many people use it. Go to this site and search your state. 3 - I do not need insurance? Yes, you do Asurion home plus. Asurion home plus is amazing I personally use it. This is insurance on your electronic items like speakers, tvs, laptops, desktops. It does not work for phones that is a difference insurance with saurian. The home plus is for all other items and they charge $25 a month and $99 dollars for a claim. I’ve spend about $600 I did 4 claims which = $396 + 8 months of keeping it going which was $200. I’ve received a new desktop, 2 new laptops, and 1 refurbished MacBook which is over 4k worth of items. If Asurion cannot fix your broke item they give you a brand new one which could be a better and new model. Ive saved thousands on cracked screens and slow computers.


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