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Crypto not for beginners

Ready to take your crypto investing to the next level? So here are a few ways you can invest your crypto on a different level than just buying and selling. 1. Staking - This is when you put your coins in a specific account and sometimes they lock the amount. For instance you may stake 1 bitcoin on coin base, this will potentially lock the coin from being sold (Depending what platform). During the time you stake it the coin can be used to earn money for the platform broker, you will receive a certain amount of cryptocurrency for staking it. Lets just say 2.5% a day it means you will earn 2.5% bitcoin a day. 2 - Lending through KUCOIN So this is simple you get a certain amount of crypto currency and on Kucoin you are able to lend that out to other investors. With that being said you will earn money on the amount of what you gave out. 3 - Crypto bot investing Having a bot buy and sell crypto currency on Kucoin is another way to make interest on your crypto. The bot buys and sells bitcoin and other crypto currency by itself. It will earn small amount of interest at a time and that is what you will receive back plus the crypto currency you used to power up the bot - minus the fee Kucoin chargers.


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