Team I Am Hosts Contract


What is a host?

  • A talented leader who uses their brand & likeness to motivate the world to chase their dreams!


What are benefits?

  • Work from around the world 

  • Talent & brand mentorship

  • clothing

  • Monthly promotion


How are hosts paid?

  • hosts get paid $1 each person that texts their name to the official Team I Am phone number (9733557937). 

  • Example: 30 people in a day = $30 x 30 days in a month = $900 for 30 people daily


Where will payment go?

  • payment will be sent directly to affiliate account online and paid out weekly to PayPal


How can hosts increase payment?

  • Uplifting team I am on social media to build promo

  • Personally being engaged with recruits to encourage membership payment


Is there anything that can restrict payment or employment?

  • If recruit unsubscribes from texts

  • Hosts must recruit at least 30 people every 30 days to stay hired

  • Hosts must post once on social media page weekly promoting team i am

  • Hosts must make Team I Am $25 every 25 people recruited to be paid. If host recruits 25 people (which means we owe you $25) but does not make Team I Am $25, his/her full payment will be restricted until completed.



👏🏾What actions are expected?


  • Daily 

    • Repost team I am posts on social media

    • Watch the Diino show (how to Influence, get paid)

    • Engage with interested recruits

    • Get to know top leaders


🏆What results are expected?


  • Weekly

    • Learn more about what team I am offers

    • Learn more about why people should join

  • Monthly

    • Get 30 people to text number


😜How can an influencer be hired as a host?

  • pass team I am live test 

  • Pass 30 day probation period (very strict on weekly/daily objectives)