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The Diino Show
The #1 Motivational TV Show to help YOU chase your dreams without giving up!

You Are A CHAMPION! Dont Give Up!" - Diino

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"You need to stop worrying about your friends and start focusing on yourself! I believe in you! You Will Make It!" -Diino


Wake Up Motivated To Put In Work

Learn how to chase your dreams so you can wake up with a purpose! Stay organized with a plan so you can have a reason to be motivated. If you love what you do daily, it will never feel like work! Lets find your purpose and what makes you happy!


Gain Confidence In Your Dreams

Love everything about who you are and where you are going! Learn to build that championship mindset when it comes to your ideas! Speak positively to yourself everyday as a reminder of who you are!


Stay Focused On Your Big Vision

Fight for everything you want every single day! Learn how to stay on track and never give up! It takes years of hard work and dedication to live most of your dreams! GO throughout the day with more patience!


Boost Your Energy During The Day

Find that "sugar rush" type of feeling to turn a dream in your head to what you see in front of you daily! Learn to keep positive activities in your day that will increase your energy!


Barden "Diino" Adams

Motivational Speaker

Diino is a 4x NCAA All American, 10x First Team All Big 12 Triple/Long Jumper from West Orange, New Jersey who graduated from the University of Kansas in 2018 with a Sociology / Applied Behavioral Science degree! In 2019, he finished 4th in Triple Jump at USA Track Championships! After retiring from track, Diino started speaking to schools, sports teams, churches, and community groups around the US! His story motivates dreamers to know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself! In the past 10 years, Diino has gained an audience of over 50 thousand supporters on social media & is the CEO of a non-profit organization that provides dream & career development to those supporters called Team I Am!

* Wake up motivated and energized to chase your dreams
* Elevate your dreams, thoughts and mindset
* Develop a positive attitude to obliterate your yearly goals
* Stay focused and have a clear understanding of how to get better daily
* Improve your ability to navigate all your career & dream decisions

* Experience actual life-changing results and become your best self
* Become mentally healthy and prevent different types of negativity

* Work harder and longer than you ever have on goals
* Think positive thoughts throughout the day
* Fight off anything stopping you from being great


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Southside High School

Greenville, South Carolina

OIP (4).jpg

Shadow Ridge High School

Las Vegas, Nevada

OIP (1).jpg

J.L. Mann High School

Greenville, South Carolina

download (4).jpg

Ironwood High School

Glendale, Arizona


Westside High School

Anderson, South Carolina

download (2).jpg

Saint Peters University

Jersey City, New Jersey

download (1).jpg

Deer Valley High School

Glendale, Arizona

download (7).jpg

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